Puppies available

The females will be in the heat :

In the Autumn 2020 - Cilka Aritar Bastet
In the Autumn 2020 - Chance-Shi Aritar Bastet

We are expecting our puppies in the Winter 2020.
For our females we will use top stud dogs.
Reservation is possible now.

19th of September 2020 Dita Aritar Bastet was breed with working dog -
Fury Aritar Bastet.

Fury Aritar Bastet
Born: 21.6.2018
Breed survey: 1.Kkl.
Class: excellent
Hips: HD/ED normal
Titles: BH,IGP 2

Dita Aritar Bastet
Born: 11.4.2018
Breed survey: I. Körkl
Class: very good
Hips: HD a(0/0), ED a(0/0),spon.0
Titles: ZVV1

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