Puppies available

The females will bee in the heat :

In the September 2018 - Chance-Shi Aritar Bastet

We are expecting our puppies in the Autumn 2018.
For our females we will use top stud dogs.
Reservation is possible now.

Jawa Aritar Bastet has puppies - birth 6.September 2018

We have 8 puppies: 6 males (2 black sable, 4 all black) and
2 females (1 black sable, 1 all black).

Photos puppies.

Apollo vom Schloss Solitude
Born: 18.7.2013
Breed survey: I. Körkl
Class: excellent
Hips: HD a normal, ED a normal
Tittles:IPO 3, BSP

Jawa Aritar Bastet
Born: 2.9.2010
Breed survey: I. Körkl
Class: very good
Hips: HD a(0/0), ED a(0/0)
Tittles:BH,IPO 3, ZVV1

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